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Hi everyone...

I lived in Rhos and had the pleasure of attending Holyhead School...(apart from Wednesday afternoons when it was double Pyhsics!!!).... my friend and I used to slope off to holyhead swimming baths and makes sure we didn't miss the school bus home. We called our bus Honk1 as it was older than its' driver and he was 327.

Mr.Rowlands was headmaster, but we all feared Llew Jones more, and the cane was still operative if you were naughty. I'm still in contact with a few people who were in my year at school and fellow Honk 1 travellers.

We used to go to the old village hall for disco's and headbang till our necks hurt. And play British Bulldog!!!... good old days.
We all thought Thursday mornings were a novelty because a bus used to come to Llangefni market, apart from that there was no escape from the village unless you walked to the train station..(not pleasant in winter!).

I'v not been a resident in the village now since...eeerrrm... 1985, but have returned and seen a few people for a blast from the past drink, which was great.

I live in Staffordshire now, yep... not far from you Stan.

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